Enrollment Process

We know that starting your dance journey can sometimes be intimidating. To help make the process a little easier, we have provided some guidelines below so you can get an idea of what to expect and how to prepare for your first lesson.


What Should I Expect During my First Lesson?

Upon arrival, please sign in using one of the provided sheets located at our front and back entrances.

You will be asked to fill out some paper work at our front desk and you’ll be given a tour of the studio. Then, you will be seated in our waiting area where you will be introduced to your instructor.

During your first lesson we will introduce you to the basic steps of a variety of dances. At the end of your lesson, your instructor will do a brief review of what you have learned and will create a plan for your next lesson.

You will then be escorted to the front desk to schedule your next appointment. Please remember to visit the front desk after each lesson to make sure that you are scheduled and up-to-date on your lesson package.


What Clothes Should I Wear?

Wear comfortable closed-toe shoes with minimal grip on the bottom. Ladies may wear flats or heels – whichever they prefer. Men should wear dress shoes or other leather/suede soled shoe.


What Shoes Should I Wear?

Wear a comfortable pair of closed-toe shoes with minimal grip on the bottom. Ladies can wear flats or heels if they feel comfortable, but heels are not required. Men should wear dress shoes or another leather/suede soled shoe.


What Should I Bring?

For your first lesson you are not required to bring anything other than a pair of shoes to dance in. We offer refreshments in our Kitchenette area and provide lockers for student belongings. We ask that all personal belongings be stored in these designated areas.

Although we do not provide childcare facilities, you are welcome to bring your children with you to your lesson. Children may work on homework, coloring pages, or other quiet activities during your lesson.

If you require additional accommodations, please contact our front desk for more information.


Do I Need a Partner?

You may bring a partner to your lesson if you choose, but it is not required. Our instructors will tailor your dance package to your preferences.


When Should I Arrive?

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appointment to fill out necessary paperwork, take care of any payments that are due, and to store any personal belongings before your lesson time begins.


Where Should I Park?

Our studio has 2 parking lots for your use. Our front lot is located directly on San Pedro and our back parking lot is located on Cagua Dr. To access our back parking lot, go West on Copper Ave and take your first right onto Cagua. The parking lot is located midway down the street on the Right Hand (East) side.

Both our parking lots feature cameras and lighting for your safety.


337 San Pedro Dr NE
Albuquerque, NM 87108
(505) 268 4411

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